Leather Repair Services

In addition to our handcrafted leather goods, we can also repair bags, zippers, and other leather items. If you have stitching that has come undone, a strap that has come loose, or a tear in your favorite jacket, we can likely provide a solution. We request that you send photos of your items to be repaired and we can provide a quote for the work. We have completed various minor boot repair and shoe repair services. We are not shoe repair experts, but if you’re looking for a quick fix, we can likely provide a solution. We can provide leather replacement, conditioning, and polishing.

All repairs are completed in the evenings, after our day jobs and after we put the kids to bed. We typically have a queue of items to repair, so please expect it to take upwards of 4 weeks for new jobs to be completed.

Please send photos to:

Leather Purse Repair and Bag Repair

Shoe Repair

Leather Jacket Repair

Miscellaneous Leather Repair and Custom Leather