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  1. Call me a LL superfan…

    Just got this card carrier for my birthday. Went one stop further in culling the junk from my billfold. Love their red-dyed products.

    Thx again LL! 👍

    1. Here’s a pic of the slat on the other side!

  2. Upgraded my belt pouch! Contacted LL owner, and he was willing to do a custom solution for a Leatherman plus MiniMag flashlight. Was a great Christmas present to myself!

    1. Also combined custom order with a matching hard-bodied glasses case!

    2. AND, last but not least, combined my order with small knife pouches for my girls! They were so proud of them, they brought them for show-and-tell the 1st day they were back from winter break.

      These knife pouches will probably outlast their knives! 😂

  3. I’m glad to own a hand-crafted piece, with a lot of attention to detail – evident from the cuts and stitching. My new wallet puts a smile on my face every time I pull it out to use it. Kudos to the crew at Longfellow leather!

  4. This gorgeous thing makes me feel like I’m traveling first class, when I’m really flying economy. So well made and it just gets more gorgeous with age!

  5. Love this case! It’s sturdy and stylish and the craftsmanship and quality is impeccable!

  6. I was so pleased with my hard-sided glasses case that I also purchased the soft-sided case. The quality stitching and high grade leather make both cases functional , protective and fashionable. These are great gifts for all glasses wearing friends and family members. Plus, you can not beat the price for a hand-crafted case of this quality.

  7. As an intetnational traveler I appreciate my passport wallet. It holds everything I need: passport, other IDs, business cards, airline ticket, and money in one convenient location. No more rummaging through my purse to find these at the airport. The product is not only functional but the supple leather gets compliments from many. I have happily made several referrals to Longfellow Leather.

    1. Are more passport wallets available?

  8. I received the glasses case as a gift and absolutely love it. I like how it is made locally here in Iowa City and the quality of the craftsmanship shows. The case is made to fit all of my reading glasses and sunglasses that I own.

  9. I’ve been wanting to downgrade my heavy mega-wallet for a while, so when I saw this beautiful wallet I knew it was time to take the plunge and SIMPLIFY! I have not regretted my choice; I feel so much lighter not having to carry around every card I own…I can just stick this puppy in my skinny jeans pocket and go. It’s beautifully-crafted; I love the texture and pattern, and the fact that it’s handcrafted gives it an extra special uniqueness. Thank you, Longfellow Leather!

    1. Interior shot:

    2. Like the stamped pattern. Hope to see more of this from LL.

  10. I got this wallet because of the size and craftsmanship. I was tired of sitting on a beefy wallet that I had to take out just to sit down because it imprinted my backside, and it kept tearing at the seams. I went on the hunt for a small, handcrafted wallet and came across Longfellow Leather. This wallet is perfect! It’s small enough to fit in my front pocket, yet big enough to keep all of my cards and cash in. You can definitely tell that this is real leather with nice stitching that will not come apart.

    I will be buying a couple of more wallets as gift for my dad and brother. Love this wallet and definitely worth the price!

  11. These well crafted wallets are a perfect way to minimize which cards I carry down to the essentials. Their compact nature provides both comfort and convenience.

  12. This wallet has served me well! I was skeptical about the small size at first, which is half the size of my old wallet. But it turned out to be just what I needed. It fits my cards and cash perfectly. And not to mention the craftsmanship. It’s second to none! The quality leather, thick stiches, and rounded corners; it’s sure to last me a lifetime! Thank you, Longfellow Leather.

  13. Real, professional work here. Beats Filson wallets by a long shot. I’ll definitely be upgrading my sunglasses case now too. Will be looking forward to seeing what else Longfellow comes up with.

    -Chris, satisfied customer

    1. Here is another pic of the wallet’s exterior.


      1. Call me a LL superfan…

        Just got this card carrier for my birthday. Went one stop further in culling the junk from my billfold. Love their red-dyed products.

        Thx again LL! 👍

  14. I am ecstatic about my new Longfellow leather small sized wallet! I have always used a larger sized pocket book type wallet and am now a firm believer in the minimalistic philosophy that Longfellow Leather encompasses. I had so many unused items in my old wallet and feel so much lighter carrying my beautifully crafted green and blue wallet. As a mom on the go, it’s so convenient to be able to keep my wallet in my pocket and not have to bother with a purse or bag. I would highly recommend Longfellow Leather products as you can really see the care that goes into each individual product. I have always been drawn to one of a kind items and have found a new favorite!

  15. I am proud to be an owner of one of the beautiful, hand crafted wallets. This wallet is durable and fits all my essentials items. For a girl on the go – this is the perfect, tiny size to fit in my pocket, a purse, or a bag. I highly recommend this item – I know you will enjoy it as much as I do. Longfellow Leather provides quality products and expert craftsmanship.

    1. I recently received a new case for my glasses as a gift. I have been through many glass cases over the years and the Longfellow leather case is top shelf. The materials and workmanship are second to none; the best! The craftsmanship is impeccable. I would not hesitate to buy any future leather products this firm.

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